We are currently accepting new applications and welcome contact from any UK-based young person aged 11-18 who has an idea for a creative, community-enhancing project which has the potential to change lives.

Such projects need to have adult supervision although the initiative and application should come from the young person themselves.

The value of our grants

Our grants are made in the range of £100 to a maximum of £5,000.

Individual or group applications

We prefer applications from individuals; group applications will also be considered, but need to include the names and dates of birth of all participants as well as the reason the applicant is applying on behalf of the whole group.

UK or overseas projects

We support both UK-based and overseas projects. Of the funds available, UK-based projects are looked on more favourably.

Please note that, ordinarily, for overseas applications to be considered the applications need to be received at least six months prior to departure and should contain a minimum of 14 days volunteering experience within the programme.

Useful dates

Applications are considered by the Trustees four times a year: normally in January, April, August and October.


The next meeting to consider applications is on Saturday 30th November 2019. Applications for consideration at this meeting need to be received by Friday 15th November 2019.

How to apply


Apply online

Apply using our online form


Once you have submitted your online application form, please ask your Adult Supervisor to complete an Adult Supervisor Form and return it to us as soon possible. They can complete it online, or download it to print and return by email or post (see below).

Apply by email or post

Please download and print our Grant Application Form and ask your Adult Supervisor to download and print our Adult Supervisor Form.

When completed, please return both forms to:

The Burns Price Foundation
Forge House
Shepton Mallet
Somerset BA4 4AX

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